Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quick tips from Dr. Dukan

Short but interesting read about the Dukan diet and it's main points in the article titled "The Dukan Diet: Like Atkins, only healthier" from

"1. Add oat bran to your diet. This fibre-packed cereal is Dukan's secret weapon.

2. Always eat breakfast (bonus points if it’s protein). Countless studies show that nibbling on something first thing in the morning results in lower calorie consumption throughout the day. Plus breakfast eaters have less trouble maintaining a healthy weight.

3. Drink lots of water — before, during and after all of your meals.

4. Get enough sleep. You’re less likely to give in to cravings after a good night’s rest.

5. Never take an escalator again. This is why the French have an easier time staying trim: They’re active at least 20 minutes a day"

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