Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pancake Day :)

In Poland we celebrate Fat Thursday by eating gazillions of donuts. But in the UK there is a different holiday around the same time (meaning now...). It's the pancake day! And although diet donuts are not really an option, there are plenty of pancake options on the Dukan diet. :)

If you want to celebrate pancake day while still staying good - just add some sweetener and a squirt of lemon to a healthy pancake like one of the ones below:

Simple Pancakes - this one doesn't even need oat bran

Oat Bran Pancake - the traditional Dukan diet pancake

Pancake Sandwich - a thicker option

Chocolate Pancake - with some chocolatey taste

Cinnammon Pancake - cinnammon is great when losing weight

Lemon Zest Pancake - just looking at the photo can make you hungry :)


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