Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mrs Middleton and the Dukan Diet

As usual the Daily Mail one day promotes something and another slanders it. So after the 3 article feature, here comes the not so positive review on the wave of interest for the royal bride:

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Let's debunk just a few of the inaccuracies:

The bad news is that, for the first week or so of the diet, there's only three things on that list (vegetarians, look away now). Meat, fish and eggs - that's it.

Oh, wait, there's this whole food group called dairy that is missing... And there is the oat bran, it might be small quantities but it definitely can help diversify your meals.

Unlike the Atkins diet, the only meat allowed is lean and not fatty - which means rashers, ­bangers and burgers are out, too.

You can't have the bun in either diet, however you can have lean beef mince (or even better mince lean meat yourself), as well as make chicken or turkey patties.

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