Sunday, November 21, 2010

Site updates!

While you enjoy the tasty goulash recipe we'd like to let everyone know about some new updates to the website.

Although most are not outright visible, among other things you can now share your own Dukan Diet recipes directly on the site! Check out the "new recipe" button in the top right corner of the website.

Also those of you who like to print out the recipes you'd be happy to know that printing any of the recipe pages should produce nicer results :)


  1. Love this recipe.

    I saw some recipes on the website that contain banned foods for certain phases yet they are listed as suitable here.

    Almond cookies for example.
    Maybe a small review on the recipes would be in order?

  2. The almonds are only used for decoration, so you can skip them if you are being orthodox. Plus it's not like you're meant to have a whole bag of them anyway.

    I might add a feature in the future to mark which recipes are 100% kosher and which are OK, but you might leave some things out when being orthodox...